logo2013 "...You always have to believe that the work can be done better..."
/ Dr. Juran, J. M./

szimikron front2Manufacturing facilites of Szimikron is 85 km from Budapest, 5 km from M5 motorway in the south industrial area of Kecskemét. There is a 2000 m2 (partly air-conditioned) factory building, equipped mostly with CNC machine-tools. As a scientific background a continous collaboration set up with Miskolc University and Technical University of Budapest, during developement projects.

All the staff and employees has high education level and many years experience in developing and manufacturing high precision machinery and components. This ensures that optimized solutions can be offered for the specific technical problems of our customers.

Primary goal of Szimikron management is to maintaine the corporate philosophy based on the customers satisfaction, being emphasized always quality and reliability during operation of the future of Szimikron is determined by its quality policy which, as the key factor, guarantees customers satisfaction and finally comfort of co-workers.



A Historical Timeline of the Main Events in our Corporate Development 

• 2015 - Modernizing the air-conditioning of the end forming hall
• 2014 - Purchase of a TOS-BUB 50 3m pitch distance CNC cylindrical grinding machine

• 2013 - Building of a modern compressed air network

            - Purchase AutoCAD LT2014 2D design software

            - Installation of an NCT EML-510E CNC working station

• 2012 - Purchase of CREO Parametric 2.0 3D design software

• 2011 - Installation of an ACRA ASG 1632 HS high precision surface grinding machine

• 2010 - With the purchase of a Conturo Matic T1 measuring machine the profile control is established for distorted profile thread grinding

• 2009 - Technology Improvement through the purchase of an S33 STUDER universal CNC circular grinding machine

• 2006 - Installation of a modern 4m pitch distance TOS lathe machine

• 2005 - Purchase of a VMC-850 vertical 4 axle work station

• 2003 - TÜV Management System GmbH. audits the ISO 9001:2000 quality assurance system

• 2000 - INDUSTRIA award for the automatic jaw step chuck

• 1999 - The company acquires the ISO 9001 qualification

• 1997 - In cooperation with the Miskolc University the development of the automatic jaw step chucks starts based on Prof. Dr. József Tajnafői's invention

• 1994 - Intensive construction development starts mainly in the direction od pitch ball screws

• 1992 - Szimikron is established as the Kecskemét company of SZIM Budapest continuing its work

• 1989 - Based on the SAUTER GmbH licence the production of the world's most modern tool turrets commences

• 1985 - Production of tool turrets (Baruffaldi licence)

• 1979 - Ball screw production commences in kecskemét

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